By understanding their needs, showing appreciation, respecting boundaries, and communicating effectively, you can build a healthy and fulfilling relationship with your INFJ girlfriend. Remember to be patient, understanding, and supportive, and always strive to deepen your emotional connection with them. INFJs are also highly idealistic and have a strong sense of purpose. They are driven by their values and principles, and they seek to make the world a better place. For this reason, they are often drawn to careers in counseling, psychology, or social work.

Anyway, one thing I have come to realize is that I use to think I was an intermediate soul, but now I’m realizing I may actually be an advanced or old soul. I definitely identified with what you wrote about the Intellectual Love Style. Not sure what personality type my wife is, but we are compatible and comfortable with an intellectual love style more than with an emotional or romantic love style.

For introverts, not getting enough alone time can cause frustration, resentment, and fatigue. As much as we want to spend time with you, we need to spend time with ourselves too. To learn more about the relationship dynamics between INFJs and each of the 16 personality types, check out my new eBook, INFJs In Love. INFJs love to talk about emotions, connections, and systems. When it comes to opening up, they intuitively get where others are coming from before the words are formulated. This makes them great at asking the right questions to get people talking.

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Indeed, they truly are constantly desiring to boost or finest their unique relationships. It could take all of us longer locate all of our “tribe” or partner, but as we carry out, the relationships posses an amount of level and sincerity which greatly fulfilling. Because INFJs are sensitive and painful, introspective, and empathic, characters which happen to be most user-friendly usually fit a lot better than the sensing sort . When considering physical tinder o happn closeness, they view sex with their partner as an almost religious experience and a means to bond human anatomy and soul with them. Because they are certainly more extraverted introverts, INFJs include open to adventure plus to strong philosophical discussion.

Any of y’all fall for an INFJ? If so, why?

You might have to resist the temptation to run away from the conflict when it most needs to happen. The urge to withdraw because something feels wrong is your bat-signal that communication needs to happen in this relationship. However, to successfully date when you’re an INFJ man, you still likely need to address a few challenges common to your type.

Because she craves intimacy and a soul-mate, she will make every effort to nurture and grow the relationship. They have intense feelings and express themselves with a depth that can seem excessive to others. Once in a relationship, an INFJ will put all they have into making their partner happy and making the relationship work.

Conflict Is Tough For Them

ESFJ , aka the Consul, is best matched with ISTP types , ESTJ types , and ESTP types . If that sounds helpful, look below for your Myers-Briggs type, and see which other three types are your best match. “It ended up not working because we were too different in my opinion. It was very refreshing coming from dating an INFP (I believe that was her type, it’s been a couple of years) to find someone that felt like we filled in any gaps each of us had. The thing that struck me the most after the relationship is how blind both partners were to what the other valued.

Some INFJs might be hesitant about romance, even though most can peg them as affectionate and open people. In truth, INFJs keep so much to themselves and have many layers which make it difficult for them to feel comfortable really opening up to someone, even if they like them very much. If you found your way to this article, then you’re probably an INFJ personality type or someone who’s interested in dating an INFJ. However, a healthy relationship with an INFJ personality type can be incredibly rewarding.

This is then supported by an auxiliary function which is another well-developed aspect of personality. The tertiary and inferior functions are less conscious and not as well-formed. The dominant, auxiliary, tertiary, and inferior functions for INFJs are as follows. Finally, it’s important to strive for balance in all aspects of your life.

A relationship between an INFJ and an INTJ can certainly succeed. Due to these two types’ affinity for conceptual discussion, they will have little trouble understanding each other. A potential source of conflict is that an INFJ can seem cold to the INFJ, who needs careful reassurance in any relationship. INFJ tends to date people who can make them feel comfortable within themselves. They enjoy meaningful relationships and deep conversation.

Not only is there a general MBTI subreddit, but each type also has their own subreddit. To be a good friend to an INFJ, you have to show up as yourself. Without authenticity, an INFJ will have a hard time advocating for you and what you do. A lot of these INFJs have a cause that they advocate for throughout their careers.

For example, when I took Truity’s “7 Love Styles Test” my primary love style was Emotional. I also scored high on the Appreciation and Intellectual love styles, while my lowest scores were Financial and Practical love styles, both of which came in at zero. Like many INFJs, I thrive on connections and appreciative actions from my partner, and I want to reciprocate them, which is why my results came out the way they did. From what we know about the INFJ personality, my instinct is that INFJs are more likely to prefer the Activity, Appreciation or Physical love styles above Financial or Practical.

Another general pattern we observe is extraverts are generally more compatible with other extraverts, and introverts are more compatible with other introverts. This data supports the adage “birds of a feather flock together” and discredits the often-quoted mantra “opposites attract”. An INFJ’s ability to empathize builds strong bonds of intimacy – a personality trait among their greatest strengths.

“When good things are happening, this can seem like a match made in heaven with true understanding and a deep connection,” she says. But when times are tough, “the opposite can be true, with the potential for defensiveness and withdrawal on both sides.” Again, going off the compatibility of NFs, ENFJs can also make good partners for INFJs, with the only difference being their extroverted nature. It’s important to remember that everyone falls somewhere on the introvert-to-extrovert spectrum. Being an “E” doesn’t mean you’re 100% extroverted; you may just lean in that direction. Ultimately, these two have a lot in common as far as values and how they see and understand the world.



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