Dean discovers from John Winchester’s journal that the culprit is a bastard offshoot of djinn who are revealed to feed on fear rather than desire. The local coroner, Jennifer O’Brien, is revealed to be a djinn who has been using her job to cover up her murders for years by immediately cremating the bodies. Unable to wake Charlie with the djinn antidote, Dean uses African dream root to enter her dream state where he manages to get her to let go of her fear and wake up.

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Nick tracks down and tortures Frank, having learned from Arty that he had seen a cop running out of Nick’s house at the time of the murder and then been threatened by the police into silence. Frank finally reveals that he responded to a 911 call from Nick’s wife reporting a prowler only to meet a man named Abraxas outside of Nick’s house and then wake up in his police cruiser covered in Sarah’s blood. Nick realizes that Abraxas was a demon who possessed Frank to murder Nick’s family. Even though Nick acknowledges that the murders weren’t Frank’s fault, he still beats the man to death with a hammer regardless as Frank’s hands were used to butcher his wife and son. In the aftermath, Nick prays to Lucifer, having realized that he enjoyed the freedom that came with expressing his inner darkness and is now missing the fallen archangel. In the Empty, a skeletal figure rises with glowing red eyes, presumably Lucifer awakened by Nick’s prayer.

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The average baby utters their first recognizable word at 1 year old, according to What to Expect. Alicia Witt said her first word (“hi”) at one month, according to Los Angeles Times. She followed that up by learning to read at 7 months old — and not your average kiddie picture book, either. By age 1, she was reading Shakespeare, which she soon learned to memorize and recite, in a foreshadowing of the future that lay ahead for her. On December 20, 2021, Witt’s parents were found deceased in their Worcester home. Witt’s parents’ cause of death was revealed on February 24, 2022, as “probable cardiac dysrhythmia” due to the cold of their improperly heated home which was sorely neglected.

Harrington is a minor demon appearing in season 13 that is loyal to Asmodeus. Guthrie, portrayed by Russell Roberts, is a former Crossroads Demon that acts as Crowley’s personal assistant in season 10. Belphegor, portrayed by Alexander Calvert, is a demon who is released from Hell when God begins the Apocalypse and allies himself with the Winchesters. While he is a low-tier demon, his actual eye color is unknown as his host’s eyes are burned out while Belphegor is possessing him. Belphegor only states that he is not a regular black-eyed grunt nor is he a Crossroads Demon. Ardat, portrayed by Sharon Taylor, is a powerful black-eyed demon who hated Belphegor, aware that the other demon wanted to take power in Hell.

At the end of season 14, God opens every door in Hell and unleashes billions of condemned souls upon the world, some being old enemies of the Winchesters like Constance Welch, Mary Worthington, and John Wayne Gacy. In season 9’s “Captives” and “Stairway to Heaven,” the ghost of Prophet Kevin Tran and the Reaper Tessa reveal that the closing of Heaven has trapped all of the ghosts who since died in the Veil. Death Echoes – A type of trapped ghost that reenacts their own death in a loop.

In tears, Lily thanks and departs, presumably off to start a new life. In the late-nineteenth to early-twentieth century, Lily worked as a professor of apocalyptic literature and was fascinated by angels. She eventually found a spell to summon one, Ishim, who taught her the secrets of the angels. Recognizing that Ishim was a monster, Lily left him and married the Seraphim Akobel for protection. Accompanied by the angels Benjamin, Mirabel, Castiel and two others, Ishim arrived under the pretense that Lily’s daughter May was a Nephilim that had to be killed. Akobel ordered Lily to run while he confronted the angels and was killed.

Their meeting is to discuss what to do about the threat of Lucifer and the approaching apocalypse. Gabriel infiltrates the meeting passing himself off as Loki up to the point where Kali remembers him. When Lucifer arrives at the Elysium Motel upon being summoned by Mercury, he kills Mercury and the pagan gods until only Kali remains.

When Mary calls for everyone to show any weapons they possess, Mick has nothing useful and admits to having never taken a life before. While discussing options for taking down the Alpha Vampire, Mary has Mick show Sam the Colt, the one weapon the British Men of Letters possess capable of harming the Alpha. Sam is able to provide Mick with a ritual created by Bobby Singer to make more bullets for the Colt and Mick performs it moments before the Alpha Vampire breaks in and kills two hunters. In “First Blood”, Mick is shown using a typewriter to discuss some of the events that were occurring in the episode.

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In season 13’s “Scoobynatural,” Castiel returns to the Men of Letters bunker with fruit from the Tree of Life. Castiel reveals that the Tree was guarded by a pack of djinn, most of whom Castiel killed before negotiating with the rest. Castiel notes that he thinks he is now technically married to the djinn queen. In season thirteen, Sam and Dean encounter Yokoth and Glythur in “The Thing” where they came from another reality. The episode “Unfinished Business” featured the real Loki (portrayed by Richard Speight Jr.) who had a history with Gabriel where he freed Loki from his imprisonment that Odin placed him in.

While the Men of Letters had stopped them in the past, they are gone now, leaving the Akrida free to invade. Mary decides to continue Samuel’s work as well as to continue her search for her father with John, Carlos, Latika and Ada joining her. She is later reunited with John for a brief time when a magical wish brings John forward through time from 2003.



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