Trainers can comment on specific parts of you with an air of authority , but their financial incentive is always operative and entails you can’t trust what they say. Some of us like non-monogamy, at times. Sometimes we know clearly that we like it right now. Poetry of flesh said here she can’t even recall how many blowjob partners she has had .. It’s beyond memory, and she is only 25. That is an act of love and it goes beyond the 1 to 3 month pump and dump (hate that word!) window.

I feel a lot closer to the children of new Chinese immigrants. As I’ve said earlier, I’ve got some other irons in the fire that I’m dealing with and is taking up most of my time these days. Plus being on the move, etc et al, it’s just not a good time to get started. @doug, al, etc. – i saw the review in the NYT and elsewhere and it does look like and intersting thing. Soderbergh, after all, who isn’t afraid to take risks and has some misses as well as hits.

People often in conversations with %s.

So you really don’t have too much of a problem w/them “offing” themselves. As for me personally, AA has bever touched my life. Everything I am, I did based on my own merit, and the lines of work I did were the kind where you couldn’t cheat the stats. Prior to working in the industrial sector I worked in Sales-and lemme be clear by what I mean here.

Truthfully I don’t feel desperate, have lots of opportunities to date. So if its not desperation what is it? I came to the conclusion that my naturally easy going, people pleasing ways came off as too easy to please. I was in many ways too easy, and I’m not meaning that in the sexual sense, although heck that too. It truly takes quite a few factors which aren’t easily realized in men I meet for me to even consider a relationship so when I do, ya I’m ready to go for it.

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The system works against men, and marriage is in reality the same as cohabitation, just with terrible legal entanglements and society-level shaming for getting out. If that is indeed true, then how are we to explain the MILLIONS of White guys who are also w/fat White Women? We can easily see this by taking a quick tour through any local Walmart. So what you are saying, Doug, is that black men are genetically disposed to like to fuck fat girls who give them a bit of money for gambling and booze. And finally, my beef w/the HBD crowd on this score is that, like Whiskey, they constantly complain that network tv doesn’t “keep it real” when it comes to Black crime and so on.

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That is the very nature of the feminine essence. That is why the masculine traits of logic and linear thinking is complimentary in a relationship to a women’s emotional based thinking. Yes, there are women out there who can certainly apply logic to override their attraction towards a man they know is bad for them…but what inspires the attraction in the first place has NOTHING TO DO WITH LOGIC. Why would you ask “do I look fat in this” if you are not looking for a serious answer?


And a blackout by the leftist media of men’s concerns on these issues. There are also lots and lots of entrapment oops pegnancies. Where she may or may not have wanted the guy to marry her, depends, but has targeted a good share of his paycheck. That’s cynically used by feminists to win wider support Hope. It’s not remotely what’s driving them nor is it what guides policy. 5) So Jews have tended to seek to transform Western societies by breaking down their traditions in ways prescribed by leftists, out of a deep sense that this will prevent future host society progroms against Jews.

Women have to work through their gina demons, and the issue of “compatibility” is a biggie. For men, if our dicks fit inside her pussy, we’re compatible. For women, a whole host of arcane connections must be made before she can feel you are “the one”. The Agree & Amplify method is the only acceptable response. If you two are incompatible, arguing with her will only highlight that.

Oh, don’t get it twisted Doug, Simon is no doubt about it, an Angry Man, and I liken The Wire to Mark Twain’s “Angry Letter”. And after watching all 60 episodes of The Wire over the past month or so, all five seasons in their entirety and in sequence, if you’re NOT angry by the time you’re finished, you’re not human. I would like to see more female politicians, but it’s probably not going to happen. Politics is all about being an alpha.

I suspect from as much of the show as I’ve seen that what you say in that long comment is quite accurate. I saw enough to see the back political class and the Jewish defense lawyer portrayed as you describe. Maybe I’ve seen ten episodes in all, I don’t know.



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