Its not necessarily your or my fault, it just is. “All the good ones are taken” never felt truer. Well, it seems to be a total nightmare for both sides, judging from the comments I’d read here.

I have a kind, loving & giving heart. Looking for someone who wants to just start out slowly. Your are an idiot for generalizing. Many woman after menopause want sex too as they don’t have to worry about getting pregnant and those of us that take care of ourselves are better in bed than most men our age. I am not looking for a physical relationship with 50 somethings though the ladies would like physical sex. Most women my age are not sexually attractive, youth, excitability and plump skin is sexy.

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I guess God has a plan for me – I’m thinking of going overseas because I hear men my age are pursued. I feel invisible in the states and being a white is no longer respected in the US. I know I am not entitled to anything, or deserve love….but it sure be nice to have a woman a woman in my arms again.

If you love me why are you abusing me? I’ve used some dating sites since I turned 50 and I have been fairly successful at meeting women my own age. It seems once they think they have me locked in, out come the meat hooks.

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The more we talked, the more clear it became that gorgeous friend had some very intense and unresolved issues with his mother. My gorgeous young friend was damaged goods. But instead of walking away, I continued to see him, because damaged or not, he was a wonderful and sweet person. While I struggled to date men my age or older, I ignored messages and dating requests from younger men.

I’ve been in love with several men who were not loaded with money. That didn’t matter to me because I judge by what is inside a man, not by what he owns. So then when she bails (75% of all post age-50 divorces are initiated by the woman), she’ll still have her married girlfriends for support, but us guys are often left high and dry. This is why I have worked very hard over the past decade to make, keep, and solidify male friendships, both fairly new and from decades ago. Pick up the phone and make that call, schedule lunch just to catch up, etc. A key element, of course, is that it has to be a two-way street.

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Had hired a private investigator, everything what I thought to be true was not. Realized what a Covert Narcissist was – no joke, certifiable. Nevertheless, dated a guy that I once dated when I was in my 20’s.

You’ll meet real people in the real world if you get into the real world. Percentage-wise I think there are a lot more risk taking men than women. You may get lucky to find some danger seekers out there, but don’t count on it.

I am an attractive 50+ year old who is an independent, sexy, passionate and confident woman. I take care of myself and value health. I already have another man wanting a serious relationship with me who is 10 years younger than me. But that scares me since he has a young child. I believe it is the SOUL CONNECTION and commonality between 2 people that make a relationship fulfilling no matter what age you are. Be confident and take charge of your own destiny.

I am comfortable in my own skin and I know I am a quality person. It hurts when nobody gives you a chance. Brig you might try dating a few men who are just a bit younger since you say you look younger. Usually how you look on the outside is how you are physically doing on the inside and we don’t all age at the same rate. Why I say just a bit younger is because sometimes, not all the time, men a bit younger are less likely to do as you say clip a woman’s wings. I not talking really young but maybe mid to late 40s or early 50s.

After all, we didn’t just have great sexual chemistry — we had long, rollicking conversations and had talked about how much we enjoyed each other’s company. Women in their 50’s are more picky then ever. This is just slamming a dick when you have the chance.

I am still a kind hearted woman who only wanted to find the same in a man so I wouldn’t be alone for the rest of my life. If it doesn’t work out with my friend overseas who actually welcomes my care and affection, and that’s a long shot, then I will be fine alone. I am almost 54 now, with no interest in dating where I live.

Anonymous……..I am sorry you feel that way but I respect what you’re saying. Maybe you think it is easy for women to find a good man but my luck has been terrible. I am attractive with a nice figure, funny, smart, and affectionate. I don’t need a man for money or status, nor do I want a man years younger than I am.



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